Arizona White Mountains Mountain Hiking

Love To Ride The Outdoors?


Like wind in your face and beautiful views? We have mountain biking paradise out our front door at Hannagan Meadow Lodge. Whether you are a novice or long time single-track rider, there are rides for you here.

We have rental mountain bikes to choose from or better, bring your own to Hannagan Meadow Lodge. On any guided ride, helmets must be worn.

Not sure of where to go? We can assist with riding maps, or take a guided ride with one of us. Not so sure about riding uphill at over 9000 feet? We can set you up with rides that allow you to drop down in elevation for most, if not all, of the ride. We then can pick you up at a meeting point and take you and your bike back up to the lodge.

Suggested Nearby Mountain Biking Trails

Clelle Loop

A summer version of the cross-country ski venue. Start out the front door and ride a single track 6 miles in a loop through meadows and forests. Moderate grades and some single-track experience is recommended. You can also hop onto pavement at mile 3 and ride 191 back uphill to the lodge.

Hannagan Loop

A moderate ride of approximately 10 miles. If taken with a guide, cost is $25.00 per rider.

Eric’s Ride

21 miles of back road and vistas. Start at the lodge and drop down to 7600 feet at the end in the East Fork area of the Black River. This is a one- way ride to a meeting point, with lunches and a UTV ride back to the lodge. Some prior skill on a mountain bike is necessary as the road is rocky and has many twists and bumps. Cost per person for this ride is $70.00 Bike rental is included if necessary). Helmets are required.

Red Hill to the Blue River

This is also a downhill ride of approximately 14 miles. Start in the forest above the Blue primitive area and bike downhill on a graded gravel road to the Blue River Crossing. We will meet you with lunch and a ride back up for you and your bike to the lodge. The cost for this ride is $50.00 per person. Bike rental is included if necessary. Some mountain biking experience is helpful.

Middle Mountain Loop

Start in the forest off US 191 and head up and down hill to the west on Middle Mountain road. This is a loop ride and does have some uphill and mountain grades on a gravel road. Mileage is approximately 25 miles. We can drop you off and make this a guided ride as well with lunch at the start/finish point. If guided, cost is $50.00 per person.

Road Biking

US 191 is the answer to your low- vehicle, big scenery riding on pavement. Ask at the desk for distances and grade/elevation changes. We do not have road bikes to rent, however, we can help with drop off or pickup needs. Please inquire as to charges. As a reference, Alpine, AZ is 25 miles away to the north, and is rolling up and downhill for an elevation change of -1200 feet. Biking to the south is more steep and winding as the road drops in elevation significantly 5 miles from the lodge.

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